Posted by Barney Laurance on Jun 07, 2019

Psalm for PHP: Hard to pronounce, easier to type

I remember a colleague in a previous job repeating the mantra “program to interfaces, not implementations”.

This sounded like good advice, but it felt a little abstract to me, since in PHP variables do not have types. The values of the variables have types, but the type of an object in memory is never an interface — it’s always a class.

Posted by Rainer Kraft on Sep 25, 2018

Pride comes before the fall

Symfony’s long term support for v2.8 ends in November. Eek! Quite a substantial part of our codebase relies heavily on 2.8 and some of it can’t be updated yet.

We can’t yet make the jump to v4, so we settled on upgrading Symfony to v3.4. In this short article I’ll describe how I stumbled over a completely unexpected problem with overwriting a standard password encoder used in user/password authentication.

Posted by Edd Mann on Aug 23, 2018

Creating a Command Line Application to Fetch URL Titles in Go

When writing show-notes for Three Devs and a Maybe it is tedious work to extract the associated show-link titles and generate a Markdown list from them. This is something that I have documented in the past, providing an automated solution to this problem. However, in this post I would like to discuss implementing such a command-line tool using Golang, creating self-reliant executables that can be cross-compiled for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Posted by Edd Mann on Aug 16, 2018

Mince Pie Challenge: Adding and Listing Mince Pies with Amazon DynamoDB

In the previous post we began to implement the API endpoints, starting off with creating the bootstrap response. We did this in a manor that catered for both online and offline development access. In this post we will incorporate the ability to add and list mince pies, persisting the state within Amazon DynamoDB. Following this, we will enrich our offline development process by setting up a Amazon DynamoDB Local instance using Docker.