Posted by Dan Beaven on Jul 29, 2019

Starting as a React Developer at MyBuilder

I have been developing websites and JavaScript apps for over five years now and using ReactJS for over four but never inside of an organisation. I have rarely, if ever, had to read other people’s code and my experience collaborating on a codebase is limited to the few projects I have done with friends. I was curious before joining MyBuilder about this transition, what it would be like to get to grips with a large codebase and how the process of writing code would differ.

Posted by Neal Brooks on Jun 27, 2019

Compiling wkhtmltopdf for use inside an AWS Lambda function with Bref is easier than you'd think

Here at MyBuilder we recently had the chance to work on a green-field project, which of course meant we were able to play with all the shiny new toys we’ve been dying to try out for a while.

We needed to extract a standalone PDF generation service from some work we’d already done in another project. It was a perfect candidate for running inside AWS Lambda, and thus also finally giving Bref a try in production.

Posted by Barney Laurance on Jun 07, 2019

Psalm for PHP: Hard to pronounce, easier to type

I remember a colleague in a previous job repeating the mantra “program to interfaces, not implementations”.

This sounded like good advice, but it felt a little abstract to me, since in PHP variables do not have types. The values of the variables have types, but the type of an object in memory is never an interface — it’s always a class.

Posted by Rainer Kraft on Sep 25, 2018

Pride comes before the fall

Symfony’s long term support for v2.8 ends in November. Eek! Quite a substantial part of our codebase relies heavily on 2.8 and some of it can’t be updated yet.

We can’t yet make the jump to v4, so we settled on upgrading Symfony to v3.4. In this short article I’ll describe how I stumbled over a completely unexpected problem with overwriting a standard password encoder used in user/password authentication.