Posted by Edd Mann and Neal Brooks on Oct 26, 2018

Delving into the Symfony Ecosystem with Nicolas Grekas

Earlier this week we were lucky to spend some time talking to Symfony core team member Nicolas Grekas. It was very interesting to gain some insight into how he got involved in the project, and managing open-source contributions vs. day-to-day work.

We started off discussion with how he got interested in programming, his introduction to Symfony, and his journey to now working on the code-base almost daily. This led us on to talk about how he helped build the performance profiler Blackfire, and the importance of quantitative measurements whilst making performance improvements. From here we highlighted managing pull requests, the social factors when leading open-source projects and Symfony’s continuous migration path. Finally, we touched upon the recently released Messenger component and upcoming Symfony Contracts initiative.

You are able to listen to the episode in its entirety below, or by subscribing to the podcast.

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