Posted by Edd Mann on Jun 07, 2018

Mince Pie Challenge: Building a Serverless RESTful API and React Client

Since moving our infrastructure over to the AWS stack I have keen to explore how we can take advantage of the large number of services at our disposal, along with the Serverless methodology. In this blog-series I wish to document my experience building a complete Serverless application which harnesses as many of the AWS offerings as possible. We will explore building both a RESTful API and a React Client, all hosted without any Servers to maintain!

Mince Pie Challenge

The application itself will revolve around the responsibly of managing the ‘extremely important’ challenge of rating mince pies. We will provide the user with the ability to register, login, add new mince pies to the challenge (with a photo) and rate these pies. Although this may seem like a trivial CRUD system it will allow us to explore many different technologies and services in the process.

Mince Pie Challenge

📝 The API will demonstrate the use of:

🖥️ The Client will demonstrate the use of:

With so much to do, we better get started! Join me in the next post were we will go about designing and documenting our RESTful API using RAML and HAL.

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