Posted by Thiago Marini on May 13, 2015

My First Three Months at

Today I complete my first three months at MyBuilder, I’m super happy and going through a great and fulfilling professional phase. To celebrate this special moment I’d like point out some aspects of this little milestone I’m putting behind.

Please note that I’m quite excited and will use a lot of adjectives :)

The reception

Just couldn’t be better, I was embraced by the company and blended in with ease.

The tech team

The team is extremely talented and horizontally structured. Developers are hand picked and arrive to make a difference.

Writing this kind of thing can sound somewhat prescribed but in this case have no restrictions in expressing my admiration for those two:

  • Gavin Love: The kindest and most supporting CTO I’ve ever seen.
  • Sten Hiedel: A knowledge powerhouse, great lead developer.

The colleagues

Everybody is just awesome! I Couldn’t be happier with my colleagues. Either in social activities promoted by the company or having a chat in the kitchen, they are always friendly and so open. Good times guaranteed.

The culture

You experience a relaxed and friendly environment as soon as you enter the building. From day one I was told not to be afraid of making mistakes and to express myself without fear. Fear is the biggest screw-up in a team, it suppresses collaboration and blocks the behaviors that are most needed for success.

IT companies are already drifting away from old school management styles but this is the first time I’ve worked for a company with such a strong culture of openness and fearlessness. This is one of the aspects that I value the most here.


London is the best city in the world, it’s fun, safe and has an amazing infrastructure. I usually cycle to work, the office has plenty of tools if my bike needs a tune up. The office is just off of Old Street, there’s always plenty going on with loads of great places to eat and regular tech community events.

The freedom

At MyBuilder you are encouraged to be yourself and everybody is entitled to their opinion. Discussions take place in lighthearted fashion and your well being is very important to the company. Outside activities are encouraged and happen all the time.

Food and drink

Another point worth mentioning, the fridge is always full with fruits and other healthy options. And only high quality beer, wine and whisky (single malt and barrel) are found here. We also have a rotating food team of 3 colleagues each month in charge of buying and cooking food for the others. I’ve already participated and can’t wait to do it again!

The support

Last but not least, I’ve just been through a difficult time in my personal life and the company was always there for me. Instead of being another thing for me to worry it was an element of stability and support, I will never forget that.

Jobs at MyBuilder

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