Posted by Edd Mann on Jul 27, 2018

Mince Pie Challenge: Adding the Bootstrap Endpoint and Serverless Offline

Up until now, we have spent our time setting up the API project to provide a confident testing pipeline (with types) and Amazon Cognito authentication. We will now move on to implementing the first real API endpoint, that being the Bootstrap response. Along the way we will configure Serverless Offline, allowing us to locally interact with the API, without having to provision any online resources.

Posted by Edd Mann on Jul 20, 2018

Building a Babel Plugin: Adding a Function Composition Operator and Auto-Curried Functions to JavaScript

In a recent Software Engineering Daily podcast Henry Zhu discussed the Babel project, and shed some light into how the transpiler works under-the-hood. He touched upon how Plugins can be created to alter the resulting compiled code. I was very interested in experimenting with this capability. In this post I wish to highlight the process in which Babel transforms your code, developing several interesting plugins along the way.

Posted by Edd Mann on Jun 07, 2018

Mince Pie Challenge: Building a Serverless RESTful API and React Client

Since moving our infrastructure over to the AWS stack I have keen to explore how we can take advantage of the large number of services at our disposal, along with the Serverless methodology. In this blog-series I wish to document my experience building a complete Serverless application which harnesses as many of the AWS offerings as possible. We will explore building both a RESTful API and a React Client, all hosted without any Servers to maintain!