Posted by Jeff Van Campen on Apr 10, 2015

Weekly roundup - April 10

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our weekly roundup of the articles we’ve been reading and the podcasts we’ve been listing to this week. We’ve been pretty focused on improving performance and hiring great people this week. Enjoy!

Articles of note

Reducing the number of repaints can greatly improve perceived performance. Christophe Coenraets (@ccoenraets) explores how react.js can help improve performance using a fast-changing market data app as an example.

Isaac Pinnock (@bobbyc) shares strategies at Made by Many for improving diversity in job applications. Isaac shares how simply changing the language in a job description can have a positive impact on your applications.

We always find etsy’s quarters performance reports interesting, many sites forget just how important performance is, and we have been thinking a lot recently about the performance of our own site.

Lara Hogan’s (@lara_hogan) Designing for Performance slides covers a wide range of techniques to improve perfomance from design considerations to changes to your workflow.

“Choose boring technology” is a good explanation of why you need to balance innovation and stability in any project.


In this episode of Steercast, Alice (@alicemollon) and Louise (@blishop) talk about women in tech and the issues they have faced in their time in the industry as well as some ways of tackling it.

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