Posted by Will Thomas on May 01, 2015

Weekly roundup - May 1

It’s Friday and that can only mean one thing! The weekly round up is here, our chance to share with you our favourite finds across the internet this week.


Diversity: For Etsy, diversity is now a key value. Research has shown that diverse teams are better at problem solving. First Round Review dig into how Etsy cultivates a diverse workplace.

Unbounded recursion: Doug Bradbury explains what stack overflows are, how they occur and how to avoid unbounded recursion.

Flux and React: Are you getting stuck in with Flux and React? Alex Young highlights a couple of tools to help improve your next project.

SVG: We’ve started using SVG images on some of our upcoming updates, and we found a great tool to optimise our files.


Performance: The start podcast explores how creatives begin their careers. Season 3 kicked off this week, featuring our favourite performance advocate Lara Hogan.

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