Posted by Will Thomas on May 15, 2015

Weekly roundup - May 15

Welcome to the weekly roundup. It’s our opportunity to share with you the best articles and podcasts doing the rounds in the office this week.


IOT: The IOT manifesto is a series of principles to design by when building for the internet of things. This manifesto hopes to help create balanced and honest products in an emerging field.

BEM: MyBuilder is a large web application so we’re starting to use BEM to organise our CSS. Johan Ronsse explains why BEM can help when used with larger more complex applications.

Security: In this talk Troy Hunt describes the current state of security on the web - aiding developers in building cyber-offense skills to seek out vulnerabilities in their web applications before an attacker does.

PHP: In this article Pádraic Brady discusses a new PHP vulnerability called ‘Magic Hashes’, which could cause false positive when ‘loosely’ comparing hashes which meet a certain pattern, by way of type juggling semantics.


Full stack: In this edition of Full Stack Radio, Adam talks to Kent Beck on a host of topics ranging from the comparisons between low-level design and big picture architecture, over-engineering and applying XP principles in 2015.

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