Posted by Will Thomas on May 08, 2015

Weekly roundup - May 8

Every Friday we post our weekly round up of our favourite articles and videos from across the internet.


Criticism: Joe Watkins discusses what he calls Hulk Syndrome, describing his experiences with criticism within development circles and relating it to the Marvel character.

RESTful APIs: Vinay Sahni takes a well-structured and common sense approach to building a RESTful API.

Javascript: Eric Elliott explains why classical inheritance and prototypal inheritance in JavaScript are more than just a stylistic preference.

SVG: Last week we shared a great tool for optimising your SVG images. If you want to start using SVG on your next project you should check out David Bushell’s two part introduction “Using SVG”.


Uncle Bob: Martin Fowler as Uncle Bob “Badly designed software is a sin!” from the Agile Connect 2011 Keynote: Software Design in the 21st Century — Enjoy!

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