Posted by Edd Mann and Neal Brooks on Feb 25, 2019

Exploring Serverless PHP using Bref with Matthieu Napoli

Hot off Neal’s PHP Conference UK ‘Running Your PHP Site on AWS Lambda’ talk a day before, we got the chance to chat all things Serverless PHP with Bref creator Matthieu Napoli.

We started off by exploring what drew Matthieu to Serverless, the creation/adoption of the Bref project and the technical challenges encountered with getting PHP to work within the Lambda environment. This lead us to touch upon the reasons behind moving from the Serverless Framework to SAM (for the 0.3 release) and how Bref uses the new Lambda Layers and Runtime API. From here, we highlighted how a typical PHP project could use Bref, the decision to be opinionated in order to stay minimal and the experimental Loop SAPI. Finally, we envisioned what the future holds for the Bref project and Serverless compute.

You are able to listen to the episode in its entirety below, or by subscribing to the podcast.

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