Posted by Alba Rincón on Feb 26, 2016

Alba: My first six months at MyBuilder

I have been working at MyBuilder for six months now, so that means it’s time to explain a little bit about my experience here.

After working at my last job for over five years and finishing my final degree project, it was time for a new challenge. A big challenge. My partner and I decided to move from Barcelona to London, we thought it could be a great experience for us to live abroad for a while, and a good opportunity to learn. We wanted to learn more about other cultures, other ways of doing things, and also we wanted to improve our English.

So, I started looking for a job in London. I had always worked in agencies so I really wanted a change, I wanted to work for a company developing its own product. I liked the idea of building something to last, and with a great team that cares about trying to do things the right way. That was when I found a really interesting offer on MyBuilder’s career site, and that seemed to fulfil all that I was looking for. I decided to apply right away.

The next day I received a reply to my application and later a Skype call with Gavin the CTO was arranged. After the interview I was sent a coding challenge writing unit tests. It was a good exercise and I didn’t find it too difficult, but it was challenging as I wasn’t really used to writing tests in PHPUnit. After I sent my solution, they invited me to an onsite interview at the office.

In the interview I met Gavin and also Sten — the lead developer — we discussed my solution to the code test and they proposed a small problem for me to solve on a whiteboard. The final step was to meet with Ryan, the CEO of MyBuilder. After the whole process was complete, they sent me an offer and I accepted!

One month after I accepted the offer I left Barcelona and started working at MyBuilder. The first days was all about learning, it was my first experience with Symfony, testing, and so many other things! I’ve since learned that every day is about learning at MyBuilder. We have a great tech team, you can’t stop improving when working with such good developers. We also have lots of books and other resources available to us to help improve our work. Everyone in the team has been very supportive, patient, and always willing to help. That is something I really appreciate.

The office is really cool, we have plenty of space, a great kitchen with free food, a meeting room with sofas, and we can take a break playing darts or table football. We organize all kinds of events like whisky tastings, card nights and other games. We also recently had a Christmas party in the office with a live band, featuring the CEO on lead guitar.

To be honest, it hasn’t always been easy. It has been a huge change for me, moving from another country, working in a completely new environment, with new people, new tools… it can be overwhelming at times. One of the biggest challenges has been the language, it’s completely different when you live here than when you’re learning, so thanks to everyone for their patience.

After all these months I can say I don’t regret my decision, working here has been a great experience so far.

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