Posted by Will Thomas on Jun 19, 2015

Weekly roundup - June 19

Welcome to the weekly round up, where we talk about our favourite articles we’ve seen this week. We also also have plenty of tools we’ve started using such as Babel and php-timecop that we would love to tell you more about.


Neural networks: Google have been working on some really interesting projects in the field of image detection using neural networks.

“Even a relatively simple neural network can be used to over-interpret an image, just like as children we enjoyed watching clouds and interpreting the random shapes.”

Be sure to check out their incredible inceptionism gallery to see bizarre images created by machines.

User experience: Ben Einstein investigates a metric nobody is measuring enough when it comes to products: time to magic.


Javascript: At MyBuilder we’ve started to use React.js to build some of our more complex interfaces. As a result we’ve been using Babel so we can can take advantage of the benefits of ES2015 right now. Babel also comes with lots of great features to make working React and JSX even easier.

PHP: Inspired by Ruby’s timecop gem, php-timecop allows you to set and freeze time within application execution — useful for tightly coupled code that relies on time based functionality.

PHP: MyBuilder alumni Keyvan Akbary has created a simple and clean implementation for creating slugs. No third party libraries or extensions needed.


TDD: In this episode of Dev Discussions, Adam Wathan and Shawn McCool discuss the discipline of test-driven development. Through the episode they touch upon getting started using TDD, the red-green-refactor loop and how it works in relation to DDD.

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